Whether producing a full catalogue or you have a small,  exclusive line of products, it is important to instill the true essence of each product in its description. Product descriptions may be as short as 40 words long but they need to be the right 40 words.

I have produced a wide range of product descriptions for clients of all sizes from small independent retailers with a range of products to individuals trying to get their first product to market. I have also worked with larger companies including online daily deal and auction websites.

As a professional e-commerce retailer you will take many things into consideration. You will spend time and money sourcing suppliers, choosing products and if you choose not to use the photographs provided by the supplier, having professional photographs taken of your range. Professionally written and well thought out product descriptions add even more value to your store, enticing potential customers in and persuading them your product is the one they need. Thinking of something unique and interesting to say about each product, even if you really believe in your range, can be difficult which is why I offer to do it for you.

Whether you need captions for each product or full in depth review-style information about each item, I am ready and available to work with you on this. My experience isn’t limited to the most common retail areas of fashion, beauty and gifts, I have also written product descriptions for more technical equipment, plant & machinery and luxury-end products.

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