Whether you’ve got an event to publicise, a new product to promote or simply want to keep your customers interested and coming back to your website, a newsletter can really do the trick.

A regular newsletter reminds your customers you’re still there, brings them back to your website and ensures your business is always in the forefront of people’s minds. Effective newsletters are difficult to pull off, when you’ve got the rest of your business to consider which is why I offer them from putting together the basic content to designing the newsletter from scratch, including any images you want to include and setting it up so all you have to do is click send and get it out there.

Make your Newsletter Stand Out

To be effective your newsletter needs to tick a lot of boxes. Each newsletter may have a different purpose but as a rule, you want people to click the links and engage with your business in some way or another.

I offer newsletter copywriting to ensure that the stuff you’re putting out there suits your market and achieves the purpose you’ve got in mind.  Whether you simply want to check in and let your customers know what you’ve been up to or you have a new service to show off I’ll produce a newsletter which keeps them engaged and delivers the results you’re hoping for, whether that’s a like for your Facebook page or genuine sales of your product or service.

I’m open to discussing your requirements for both one-off and regular newsletters and am happy to have supplied many clients with e-mail marketing content which has delivered the results desired and exceeded them in some instances.

Newletter Copywriting and MailChimp

If you are new to newsletters for your business then I recommend using MailChimp. It’s a simple system which I have used regularly with my clients and it makes tracking and managing your campaigns as easy as producing them.

With experience in newsletter copywriting with MailChimp I can write your content straight into the system, making it easier to get out there to your audience.

For more information and to discuss your requirements

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