Ghostwriting doesn’t have to refer to the shady practice of somebody writing a celeb’s ‘autobiography’ for them – it’s also a legitimate way to organise your thoughts for publication, if you’re not up to the task yourself.

Professional ghostwriters can take your ideas – in an unstructured form like a page or two of notes, or even just a bullet-point list – and create something coherent from them, ready to be distributed online or in print.

I have ghostwritten several texts in the past, from first-person blogs to instructional eBooks, so I have the experience to work with a variety of formats and layouts.

My particular areas of expertise include:

  • parenting topics
  • clear, instructional ‘how-to’ posts
  • instructional eBooks and longer guides

However, I can tackle most topics without too much trouble, so simply ask if you have something obscure or technical and need somebody who can handle writing about it.

Your thoughts – your voice

Ghostwriting goes further than most simple copywriting services – it’s about putting together your ideas in a tone of voice that you’re happy with.

I will work closely with you to make sure that I accurately represent what you want to say, and that you’re happy with the way it’s worded.

Most of all, you need a professional copywriter who you can trust to convert your ideas into content without raising any concerns over copyright and intellectual property ownership – someone with a proven track record. Someone like me.

Quality copywriting with creativity at its heart

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