Discussions with clients and other freelancers has highlighted the importance of transparent pricing. People want to know how much things cost.

Basic Copywriting Pricing

My rates are simple. I charge £50 for 1000 words for all standard web copy, articles or blog copy. That’s all there is to it. This can be scaled up or down dependent on the volume you need, so you could get a single 1000-word article or a couple of blog posts for that price. You could even get a small-ish five-page website.

Product Description Writing

The nature of product description writing and the volumes which are often required mean that I always quote for this type of project on an individual basis. I work out rates on a price per description basis and this obviously depends on what each description needs to consist of (40 words/400 words etc.). I also work with a number of clients providing regular descriptions as new product lines come in and new products are launched and I work on a rolling basis in these instances. I am also more than happy to upload descriptions to your website/CMS if required.

Promotional Materials/Flyers/Brochures/Press Releases

A bit like product descriptions the nature of promotional material for your business varies greatly from client to client. On this basis I provide an individual quote for all promotional material work whether that’s a simple single-page flyer or a full brochure covering a wide range of different products. I can also write press releases on your behalf but do not place them or find outlets for their publication.

Social Media Management

I occasionally offer social media management alongside blog and article writing. This is usually worked into the project rate but can be discussed as a separate cost. I provide management across all major social platforms and can manage multiple accounts where required.

Copywriting Packages

I regularly strike deals with my clients for long-term copy which mean prices can be negotiated. Many clients sign up on monthly or annual contracts as well as on a per project basis and costs can be discussed further dependent on all of these factors.


I have worked with a number of companies to help craft their brand image and story. The individual nature of this work means I like to discuss it in depth and offer a quote based on the specifics required. Sometimes a single sentence can be worth more than 15,000 words when it comes to branding and I base my costings on this, rather than solely on volume.

I can also supply my day and half-day rates if required. I don’t often take on day work but I’m always open to discussion.

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