Blogging is a great way to build your website and keep it looking fresh, but it’s easy to lapse into not updating your news section for a few weeks, and then all your good work is undone.

If you don’t have the time or the energy to write regular blog posts for yourself, I can provide you with a steady stream of content that fits the style of your website perfectly – or, if your blog is not attached to a website, I can provide articles that are strong enough to stand alone.

You can provide me with the topics you want me to write about, or I can research original ideas of my own based on an agreed ongoing brief – whatever works best for you.

As with all of my online copy, I will work carefully to give you articles that will perform well in search engine results.

If you have an existing SEO strategy, I can include your target keywords in all the right places, and make sure they do not appear too obvious or awkward to your readers.

Even if you don’t have an on-page SEO strategy in place, compelling blog posts give other web users a reason to link to you, which can push your site higher in the rankings.

But the best results are always achieved when your blog is:

  • well written
  • regularly updated
  • search visible

That means a decent number of updates, each containing a decent number of words – no mean feat to manage in your spare time, but bread and butter for a professional copywriter.

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