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I provide the words you need when you can’t quite put your finger on them. I provide whatever you need. From writing press releases to technical reports and everything in between.

Bee Copy is all about quality copywriting with creativity at its heart. My name is Beth Townsend and I have been a professional freelance copywriter since 2011 and I work from my base in Liverpool. I offer a wide range of different freelance copywriting, digital marketing and social media services to clients from around the UK and further afield. I specialise in concise and clear copy, tailored to your business needs. Whether you need a weekly blog, content for your website or editing support for your creative endeavours, I’m here to help.

Liverpool Copywriter – Working from Home

I offer all my services from home which allows me to be flexible; enabling me to fit in with what is most convenient for my clients.  I often work outside of regular office hours, and meetings can be arranged regardless of time zone.  I have experience  of working across a huge range of sectors and am always excited to try something new or cover a new subject area. If you are looking for a copywriter in Liverpool and want me to visit your business or discuss things in person this can also be arranged. I love building up connections with the local business community. Providing freelance copywriting on a flexible basis means I can adapt to fit your business needs and requirements.

Details of my transparent competitive copywriting costs are available via this site and I am happy to discuss any business needs however big or small.

Copywriting Services

If you need something writing, I can write it. Below is a summary of some of the services I offer. This is by no means exhaustive. I am always keen to discuss new ventures and ideas


Professional copywriting services are a must if you’re not 100% certain about your grammar and spelling, or you simply don’t have the time to flesh out your website or publication fully yourself.

Product Descriptions

Whether producing a full catalogue or you have a small, exclusive line of products, it is important to instill the true essence of each product in its description. Product descriptions may be as short as 40 words long but they need to be the right 40 words.


Blogging is a great way to build your website and keep it looking fresh, but it’s easy to lapse into not updating your news section for a few weeks, and then all your good work is undone.


Ghostwriting doesn’t have to refer to the shady practice of somebody writing a celeb’s ‘autobiography’ for them – it’s also a legitimate way to organise your thoughts for publication, if you’re not up to the task yourself.

Newsletter Copywriting

Whether you’ve got an event to publicise, a new product to promote or simply want to keep your customers interested and coming back to your website, a newsletter can really do the trick.

New Business Support Package

My New Business Support Package is a great way to get your online operations up and running when your website is still in its infancy.

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